Leasing A Honda In 2023? Here Is Their Game Plan

Honda is greatly respected for its expertly-engineered and highly-reliable vehicles. This Japanese automaker is versatile and flexible enough to make cars that can do just about anything from off-roading to racing, hauling large families, and everyday drivers with excellent fuel efficiency. Shoppers looking for Honda’s reliability mixed which a huge chunk of luxury will be satisfied with our Acura lineup, where Honda offers its best and most exclusive deluxe rides.

2023, The Big Year

Following the recent redesign of the Civic and the Passport’s facelift in 2022, we knew right away that Honda’s lineup was about to witness a massive overhaul. Honda is seriously redesigning and modernizing its lineup to keep pace with key rivals and stay in line with the latest trends in the automotive world. The automaker is also working in close partnership with General Motors to develop the Prologue, an all-electric model which will debut in 2024.

Here’s what we know so far regarding Honda’s plan for its lineup in 2023


After five years since the release of the outgoing model, the eleventh generation of the highly-rated Honda accord will arrive in 2023. While the automaker hasn’t said much about the all-new 2023 Accord, we expect a sleek, handsome exterior with modern design cues and an interior similar to that of the latest Civic models.

Civic Type R

A new generation of Honda’s hot hatch is coming, and while we are excited about the rumors of extra power, we’re even more impressed with its new design. The fun-to-drive Honda Civic Type R will be released as a 2023 model, and as expected, it takes after the Civic’s new appearance. Honda has corrected all the flaws in the previous Type R, from its design to infotainment, etc. The Civic Type R is an excellent sports car loved by everyone, and this new generation is taking excellence to a whole new level.  


Honda has given the HR-V a much-needed redesign, and this new generation of the HR-V looks totally different from its predecessor. With an eye-catching exterior, a minimalist full-grown interior, an upgraded infotainment system, and improved driver assistance technology, the 2023 Honda HR-V is ready to compete against rivals. The new HR-V shares its underpinnings with the recently-redesigned Civic; it also uses the sedan’s base 158-hp four-cylinder though we expect more powerful powertrains to join the lineup soon.


Honda’s best-seller gets a new impressive look for 2023 to help it keep up with the intense competition in the compact SUV segment. Honda has changed virtually everything about the CR-V, and the automaker claims this new generation is much more practical, and equipped with advanced infotainment and convenience features. Honda asserts that the new CR-V will deliver a more entertaining driving experience.

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